Welcome to Marketing Alchemy: Foundations

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A successful business – the kind that gives you freedom – starts with a strong foundation:
A marketing foundation

Your marketing strategy & plan guide how you’ll attract clients.
If you get it wrong, you’ll have to work much harder than you should to make sales.
(And you probably won’t make as much money.)
When you get it right? You lay the foundation for an incredibly satisfying, profitable work life.

This program is guaranteed to help you get it right
You can overcome the biggest hurdle to creating a successful business
– how you’ll find clients and make money –
in less than four weeks

Building a solid marketing foundation isn’t complicated, but it calls for a carefully thought-out process:
What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? What’s your message? How will you attract clients?

It takes research. Marketing isn’t always common-sense ideas that you just know.
In fact, some of marketing’s best practices seem counter-intuitive, until you understand the ‘why’s’ behind them.
And too many business owners just skip over this step.

When you have a new business, it’s way more fun to dive right in: create a logo, build a website,
and post about your new company on social media!

But starting with your logo or website is like building a house on shifting sand.
Without a solid foundation, it won’t stand the test of time.
And if your logo and other branding send the wrong message to potential clients, you could do more harm than good.

So where do you start? Right here.

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alchemy: (noun) \ ‘al-kė-mē \
: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

That’s what the right marketing can do for you and your business.

Are you ready?

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