The fundamental marketing program that will change your life.

If You’re Dreaming About
Starting Your Own Business,
This Is The Perfect Time
To Plan Your Marketing Foundation

A successful business – the kind that gives you freedom – starts with a strong foundation

Your marketing strategy & plan guide how you’ll attract clients
If you get it wrong, you’ll have to work much harder than you should to make sales
And you probably won’t make as much money.

When you get it right? You lay the foundation for the life of your dreams

This program is guaranteed to help you get it right
You can overcome the biggest hurdle to creating a successful business
– how you’ll find clients and make money –
in less than four weeks

Most new business owners get it wrong. They try to build a system to attract clients too early, before they’ve even thought about their marketing strategy. They jump right into posting on social media, tweeting, setting up YouTube, building a sales funnel, creating a website, trying to figure out SEO … it’s enough to make your head spin.

Truthfully, many of these things are important. Any of these might fit into your marketing strategy – if it’s the right fit for your personality and strengths, your budget, and your business. But until you know where you’re going, you don’t have enough information to choose the best way to get there. You need a solid plan, first.

In Marketing Alchemy:Foundations, you’ll create that. Once you have that plan, your dream – starting your own business – starts taking shape.

The Oxford Language dictionary defines alchemy as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” A seemingly magical process of transformation. That’s what the right marketing will do for you.

Designing your logo (or website) is the wrong place to start –

Your logo is the face of your business. As the cornerstone of your branding, it creates the tone and mood for your message. If as a small business owner, you are the face of your business, your branding should also reflect you. It should incorporate enough of your personality to present your authentic self to the world.

The trick is finding the balance, weaving your personality into the right look that sends the right message – and resonates with your intended audience.

The colors, fonts, and shapes in your logo and branding are scientifically proven to convey mood, tone and attitude, whether you mean to or not. If you design your logo too early – before you know what message you need to send – you could accidentally turn away the very people you need to reach!

Get the basics down first. Figure out WHO you need to attract, and the EXACT mood and tone you should convey with your marketing. Then, you can pick the colors, fonts and shapes that are right for your business.

You Can Design a System To Attract Clients
In The Right Way
That Empowers You For Success

Not having a plan stops many new business owners in their tracks – or results in hours wasted doing ‘research’ online.
This program lets you avoid that trap.

Starting with marketing basics saves you time, energy, money – and heartache.
When you’ve done the research and the work to build your marketing foundation, you know:

  • The core service to focus on in your marketing – that lets you stand out from the crowd
  • Who you should market your services to (and it isn’t everybody!)
  • How to get the attention of your ideal potential clients
  • What to say, and more importantly, WHEN to say it
  • How many people you need in each stage of your marketing journey to reach your income goal

… And how to present yourself as a confident business owner who creates success on her own terms.

I’m Leslie Walters Smith, owner of Heron Design. 

I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for over 30 years. Twenty-one years ago, I started my own company, and I’ve never looked back. There’s a freedom that comes from owning your own business that you can’t find anywhere else.

I was so very fortunate that when I quit my job to start my company, I had mentors to guide the way – and a solid marketing plan.

I was able to start my business with paying clients, and I’d like to help you do the same.

Because over the past twenty years, while the internet has changed so much about our lives, the underlying psychology of marketing remains the same. I’ve spent thirty years developing winning marketing strategies for small business owners, and I know for a fact:

When you get the basics down first – choosing one thing to focus on in your marketing, deciding who your ideal client is, discovering what the mood and tone of your marketing should be, and developing the right core message – everything else can fall into place.

If you are a small business owner and the face of your business, your marketing should match your personality. But designing your marketing system doesn’t have to be complicated.

Marketing Alchemy: Foundations takes you through the exact process I take my marketing clients through. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach with my one-on-one clients, and you won’t find it here, either. 

I ask you the same questions, and I have you do the same research. I give you information to help you choose how you want to reach out to your potential clients during each stage of your marketing journey (because what works best for me probably isn’t the exact system that will work best for you).

You’ll leave this program with a complete, customized-for-you Marketing Plan. You’ll know what to do, when to do it and what to say to attract the right clients for you.

Going through this program primes your brain to think like an entrepreneur. This is scientifically proven to help you notice details and opportunities that will move you further (and faster) down the path to creating your business.


The fundamental marketing program that will change your life.

Here’s what you’ll create in Marketing Alchemy: Foundations

Module 1: Freedom
Creating Your Dream Job

Creating your dream job – built purposefully around what you love and the life you want to live – is the secret to making more money. It’s also the foundation for a solid marketing strategy.

In this session, we talk about why it’s so important to choose ONE thing to focus on in your marketing, and how to decide which one thing is right for you. You’ll learn how to design your signature offer so that most of your workday is spent in that sweet spot of productive, income-producing flow.

What does your dream job look like? Get ready to start creating it.

Module 2: Freedom, Part 2
Identify Your Ideal Client

Trying to appeal to ‘everybody’ is the most expensive, least efficient, and exhausting way to market your company.

On the flip side, when you identify the people who you truly resonate with, the ones you find joy in helping, and you design your marketing system to appeal only to them, everything changes. 

As a small business owner, you have the freedom to choose who you spend your time with. In Module 2, you’ll learn how to do this – in a way that’s profitable.

Module 3: Connect
Find Their Pain Points

Identifying your ideal clients is key to a successful marketing strategy.

Connecting with them is what actually unlocks the door.

How do you know exactly what you need to say in your marketing to build that connection? It takes a little magic, fueled by research. Finding your ideal clients’ pain points, and the emotions behind them, gives you the secret ingredients to craft attention-getting messaging.  

This session is a step-by-step guide to conducting that research, from how to find your potential ideal clients to what to say once you have them on the phone.

Module 4: Inform
Communicate What You Do

Your marketing system is a journey, and your messaging is what leads potential clients through it. 

If that messaging is wrong, or even just in the wrong order, marketing your business gets harder. Instead of an enchanting journey, you’re sending potential clients down one dark dead end after another.

Getting your marketing messaging right isn’t complicated, especially when you’re building on solid research (like what we did in Module 3!).

There’s a formula to crafting attention-getting messaging. This session takes you through the 10 key steps to creating the right message, at the right time, to keep your potential clients engaged all the way through.

Module 5: Plan
Design Your Marketing System

A well-designed marketing system attracts your perfect potential clients. It leads them through a journey that lets them learn about you as they decide whether, or not, to buy from you.

Your marketing system could include social media, a podcast, paid advertising, or simply in-person networking. Or all of the above. There are unlimited combinations that can form an effective system.

The best marketing system merges your best way of communicating with the best way to reach your ideal potential clients. Then, it pulls in your messaging at exactly the right stage. All the while shining a spotlight on your best features.

Using tried-and-true formulas, in Module 5 you’ll learn how many people you need to reach during each stage of the marketing journey to hit your financial goals.

Then, you’ll select the marketing elements that are the best fit for you, your business, and your potential clients. When you are finished, you’ll have a map of your marketing journey. You’ll know which marketing elements you need to focus on, and what your messaging should be at each stage.

If we were working together one-on-one to create these results, each part of this program individually would cost you $2,400:

Module 1: Freedom – Creating Your Dream Job
Online Training & Work Session
Module 2: Freedom, Part 2 – Identify Your Ideal Client
Online Training & Work Session
Module 3: Connect – Find Their Pain Points
Online Training & Work Session
Module 4: Inform – Communicate What You Do
Online Training & Work Session
Module 5: Plan – Design Your Marketing System
Online Training & Work Session + Your Complete Custom Marketing Plan
Total value $12,000.00

About the Creator

I’ve helped organizations develop winning marketing strategies and branding for three decades.

I founded my first company in 2001, and today I own all or part of three different businesses. I love the freedom that comes from being a business owner. As a single mom with three incredible (now almost grown!) boys, I can’t imagine living life any other way.

I volunteer with several groups that support women’s issues. (We still have a ways to go before we are treated equally!) Right now, I believe the best way for a woman to achieve economic freedom is through being a business owner. When you become the captain of your own ship, you control where you’re going, and what you’re willing (or not) to give up to get there.

I also know the satisfaction that comes from dreaming big, then developing the systems to make those dreams come true.

I started in marketing & advertising about the same time computers arrived: I was part of a beta group of college students who tested Adobe’s first software, which later expanded into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and the myriad of Adobe software that now fills up my Mac. That put me a step ahead when I entered the workplace, and I’m a computer geek to this day.

I’ve built hundreds of websites over the years, and created branding for many more. And there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way: There is no substitute for solid marketing strategy. Get that right, and everything else falls into place.

Without a solid marketing strategy, however, even the most beautiful website, logo and other branding aren’t going to do you much good. They are like a house built on shifting sand: with no foundation, they aren’t going to stand the test of time. And neither will your business.

That’s why I created Marketing Alchemy: Foundations. 

What You’ll Get In This Program:

  • Each module begins with an online training video between 15-30 minutes long, teaching you the concepts of the Module.
  • There’s no fluff or filler – videos aren’t stretched to the typical 42-minute format; I just give you the information you need for this stage in your business.
  • After each training video, a guided Work Session leads you through the lesson step by step as you create that section of your marketing plan. 
  • The Work Sessions include a downloadable 30-minute background audio track specifically designed for focus and brainstorming creativity.
  • The program is 100% online, so you can work on it anywhere – and anytime – you have internet access
  • Do you do your best brainstorming at 6am? You decide when and how often to go through the sessions. If you wish, you could finish the program in as little as three weeks! On the flip side, no one’s going to be breathing down your neck asking why you haven’t finished it. (A fitting welcome to life as a business owner: you determine your own pace, and fit it into your busy lifestyle.)
  • You have lifetime access to the material, so you can review it as often as you want.
  • I’ve done extensive research on ways to help spur creativity, and discovered that actually writing your ideas with a pen and paper, in some instances, helps unlock your imagination. For this reason, some of the brainstorming sessions are designated as “Use your notepad.” As you fine-tune your ideas, however, we’ll want to record them so that we can incorporate these into your final marketing plan. In these sessions, you’ll be prompted to type your answers into the program – and you’ll be prompted to check your work for typos, grammar and appropriate reading level.
  • Throughout the program, your work is saved to your account. When you complete Module 5, the program compiles your written marketing strategy and plan – customized for your business, complete with action steps – that you can download and use as you get ready to launch your business!
  • Module 1 includes a hard look at your financial goals: can you get there with the rates you intend to charge? (Spoiler alert: If not, something’s gotta give – and changing your goals should be the very last resort.)
  • In Module 2, you’ll learn how to find the sweet spot where the work that most energizes you intersects with the outcomes your ideal clients value the most, which is where your value – and income – can skyrocket.
  • In addition to the Online Training and Work sessions, Module 3 also includes guided research, with scripts for interviewing your ideal potential clients (and helpful tips on where to find them).
  • During Module 4 you’ll develop the messaging that you’ll use throughout all your marketing, fine-tune how you describe your Signature Offer, and learn the exact order you need to use the different parts of your messaging.
  • Module 5 includes an interactive calculator with industry-standard formulas to calculate how many people you need in your Marketing System during each stage in order to reach your financial goals.
  • Once you’ve completed Module 5, Marketing Alchemy: Foundations will generate your custom Marketing Plan, complete with the messaging you’ve written, the elements you’ve chosen for your marketing system, and guides on how to bring these together during the Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action stages of the marketing journey.
  • You will leave the program knowing what you need for each stage of your potential clients’ marketing journey, and why it matters.

In addition to the 5 Modules that walk you through all the steps of creating and designing your Marketing Plan, you’ll receive these Bonus Modules:

Bonus Module: Social Media

(A $197 Online Course)
Social media …. whether you love it, hate it, or land somewhere in between, you can’t ignore the fact that social media in some form is here to stay. No matter what elements you include in your marketing system, you need an online presence – at a minimum, a Facebook Business Page for your business and a LinkedIn profile for you.

In this bonus module, you’ll learn updated best practices for using social media to promote your business. It gives you ideas for what to post, how to set up your Facebook Business Page (if you don’t do anything else on social media, at least do this!), and explains the Facebook algorithm and how you can take advantage of it.

Bonus Module: Branding Basics

(A $197 Online Course)
Did you know that creating your brand around your authentic self can help you show up with confidence – and help you overcome imposter syndrome? As the face of your business, if your branding reflects you, you’ll attract those people most likely to want to work with you. 

Of course, creating a brand around your personality isn’t enough. You have to take those elements of your personality that are the right fit for your message, and weave that into the right look and tone to resonate with your target audiences, to create a message that tells your story in a way that connects. This bonus module covers the basics of Branding – and gives you a list of what you need, at a minimum, to get started.

Bonus Module: The Photo Guide

(A $197 Online Course)
Before your audience hears your words, you’ve got to get their attention. And that’s where your photos come in. Photos make or break that split-second first opportunity to grab a person’s attention.

But images that are low quality, too staged or just boring don’t help your cause – they hurt it. Fortunately, finding or creating high-quality images that tell your story isn’t difficult. In this bonus module, I’ll show you how we do it.

When you invest in Marketing Alchemy, you’ll receive:

Module 1: Freedom – Creating Your Dream Job
Online Training & Work Session
Module 2: Freedom, Part 2 – Identify Your Ideal Client
Online Training & Work Session
Module 3: Connect – Find Their Pain Points
Online Training & Work Session
Module 4: Inform – Communicate What You Do
Online Training & Work Session
Module 5: Plan – Design Your Marketing System
Online Training & Work Session + Your Complete Custom Marketing Plan
Bonus Module: Social Media Business Basics $197.00
Bonus Module: Branding Basics $197.00
Bonus Module: The Photo Guide $197.00
Total value $12,591.00

If you were to buy everything separately, your cost would be over $12,500. As part of a one-on-one marketing consulting new business package, all of the above would cost you at least $5,600.

If you plan to charge at least $3,000 for your services, either package would be a no-brainer: the program would pay for itself in as little as one month from the day you open for business!

In Marketing Alchemy: Foundations, you receive the same information as my one-on-one clients.

This self-guided work-at-your-own pace program will let you start your business the right way.

It will transform your life.

Marketing Alchemy: Foundations

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100% Transformation Guarantee

I believe that if you believe in your dreams, you can achieve them.
Owning your own business allows you to create the life of your dreams.

My #1 goal in creating this program is to help business owners design a system to get there.

Try Marketing Alchemy for 14 days. If you don’t believe it will change your business and your life,
I will gladly refund your tuition.

The secret to getting clients is a well-developed marketing strategy and system.

If you’re dreaming about starting your own business, NOW is the time to plan your marketing. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. What are you waiting for?

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Start your business the right way.
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Regular price: $560

Today’s Price:


Option for 4 payments of $99.25

– or –

Choose Pay Over Time at checkout and get 6 months special financing with NOTHING due today and NO INTEREST if paid in full in 6 months*


(*Payment plans available from PayPal, upon approved credit, at checkout)

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